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Ibrahim's research projects

Snowboard Teaching Device with Real Time Rider Feedback

Having a proper weight distribution is vital when learning to snowboard. To measure the weight distribution, we are placing load cells in each binding of the snowboard. If the rider has proper weight distribution, a LED in a telescoping arm the rider can hold onto to help keep enough weight in their front foot will light up green. If they don't have enough weight on their front foot, it lights up red.

BoardSport Technologies Enterprise -- SmartBoard

While snowboarding in the back-country, avalanches become a potential danger to a snowboard rider. If caught in an avalanche, the rider will be buried and could be lost for hours (leading to the likely possibility of death). Therefore, the SmartBoard will have two different ways to track the individual if they get lost during their riding experience: GPS and REECO location.

Portable Interlocking Skateboard Park Features to Be Utilized on Any Flat Surface

The goal of this project is to design and manufacture a customizable skatepark that exceeds market capabilities. We plan to implement the following tasks: Lightweight flat panels, Durable skate surfaces, Interlocking modular features, and Assembly design optimization. Completing these tasks will help us to achieve our goal.

BoardSport Technologies Senior Design: Electric Motor Powered Mountain Board

Commuting distances between 1 and 5 miles can be expensive when adding costs of parking, gasoline, and vehicle maintenance. Longboards have become a very popular means of transportation among young adults but are at a disadvantage when faced with hills, inclines, or uneven terrain. The Power Board is a green alternative electric vehicle that will tackle all areas the longboard falls short with ease.

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