Snowboard Teaching Device with Real Time Rider Feedback

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Why This Project Is Important 

This project aims to help the beginner/novice snowboarder progress faster. We believe that ski hills will see a greater number of repeat customers if new people coming in for lessons can progress faster in a shorter amount of time. More times than not, people can feel frustrated and overwhelmed at how hard it can be to learn how to snowboard and eventually give up. Our project is aimed at helping new snowboarders identify common bad habits many beginners have and fix these habits early to progress faster.

Project Description 

Turning and controlling a snowboard can be compared to riding a bike. To turn a bike, the rider needs to have the front wheel on the ground. Doing a wheelie (front wheel off the ground) makes it very difficult to turn a bike. If we think of the wheels of a bike like the feet of a snowboarder, the snowboard needs enough weight on their front foot to successfully make a turn. We will be placing load cells in the bindings of a snowboard to measure the weight distribution of the rider (much like a bathroom scale). To have proper positioning on a snowboard, the rider wants at least 60 percent of their weight on their front (downhill). We will also be placing a telescoping arm with a handle for the rider to grab onto to help keep their weight forward. If the load cells sense a weight distribution of at least 60/40, LEDs in the handle of the telescoping arm will light up green indicating the rider that they have proper weight distribution. If load cells sense a weight distribution less than 60/40 (59/41), the LEDs in the handle will light up red. This indicates the rider that they need to keep more weight on their front foot.

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