Press Release

3 January 2018 Michigan Technological University
Superior Ideas: New Year, New Funding
"Crowdfunding is not for the lazy. It is also not an alternative to traditional research funding through federal and private grants. It is an excellent way to get a new project off the ground, assess people's interest in research and hone proposal writing skills"

4 April 2016 BankerBible

Crowdfunding For Universities
"Donations to universities and educational institutions have been around for a long time in the form of government grants, endowments, contributions from alumni, etc. But crowdfunding for universities is a relative newcomer to the fundraising scene."

3 April 2016 MiBiz
Crowdfunding platform connects student startups to alumni dollars
"A new crowdfunding platform aims to connect student entrepreneurs at colleges and universities with people willing to invest money and time in their ideas"

2 March 2015 Michigan Technological University
Ford Motor Company Donates Support for Women in Engineering Scholarships
"This year, WIE and the young women attending will be able to do even more, thanks to a $10,000 donation from Ford Motor Company."

30 January 2015 UPMatters
Michigan Tech students create exercise machine 
"It was designed by a group at Michigan Tech called Velovations that works mostly with bicycle designs."

26 January 2015 Michgan Tech News
Superior Ideas Challenges Enterprise Students to Help Fund Their Projects
Michigan Tech Enterprise program students are hard-working and innovative, but their creativity can be hindered by their spending limits. That's where Superior Ideas comes in."

27 October 2014 Michigan Tech News 
New Superior Ideas Projects Seek Donations for K-12 Outreach Programs
"If you want to help young people - and particularly female young people - get hooked on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), now is your chance"  

4 June 2014 Second Wave Media Upper Peninsula 
Universities get a little help from their friends with crowdfunding 
"At Michigan Technological University, hands-on training and reserach is taking place by students and faculty to bridge that gap-- and it's taking place in teh respective communities of Houghton and Hancock"

8 April 2014 Michgan Tech Lode
Michgan Tech crowdfunding is a Superior Idea
"As Michigan Tech's crowdfunding website, created to raise money for Research and Public Service projects, Superir Ideas is something different than the normal grants and ways to get money for their cause." 

9 March 2014 Crain's Detroit Business 
Crowdfunding spawns a sea of portals
"Launched in October 2012, Superior Ideas has so far listed 32 projects that collectively raised $73,000."

2014 Michigan Tech's 2014 Research Magazine
Seeking Superior Success (Page 28 of Download)
"Just one year in and Michigan Tech's crowdfunding website, Superior Ideas (, has already raised $70,000 to support University research"

May/June 2013 CASE
Big threat, big potential
"Superior Ideas launched in October 2012 and hosts both projects from Michgan Tech as well as partner universities."

2013 Michigan Tech's 2013 Research Magazine
Now That's a Superior Idea!
"Imagine inviting everyone to support their favorite university research. Those who can afford $100 or $1,000 could give it, and those who can only afford $1 could make their buck matter, too" 

2013 NCURA Magazine 
Navigating the New Frontier in Research Funding and Administration
"Superior Ideas is an all-donation based model: every donation goese to the project regardless if the project funding goal is met or not."

17 January 2013 CBS Detroit 
Clean Snowmobile Challenge Coming To Michigan Tech
Teams of college students from across the Snow Belt will converge on the Copper Country March 4-9 for the 2013 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. 

23 October 2012 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
At FiPath, college savings go social 
"A website developed by Michigan Technological University earlier this month -- -- is starting to solicit donations for nine handpicked research projects" 

17 October 2012 Second Wave Media 
Tech launches Superior Ideas crowdfunding website 
"The latest addition to the crowdfunding world is one that's unique to the U.P. It's called Superior Ideas and was launched by Michgian Technological University to help fund worthy research projects"

12 October 2012 Daily Mining Gazette
Tech Research Funding Down 20 Percent
"Despite a higher number of research proposals submitted and awards received, Michigan Technological University's research funding was down 20 percent this year."

11 October 2012 Michigan Tech News
Superior Ideas: A New Funding Tool for Michigan Tech Research
"This is a way to leverage interesting ideas," said Reed. "It can help people get started, do a discrete piece of research or collect data that will enable them to get more funding."

11 October 2012 CBS Local News
Michigan Tech Creates Crowdfunding Site For Research
“Anyone familiar with Michigan Technological University knows that it is a hotbed for superior ideas. A new initiative by the same name - Superior Ideas - was unveiled Thursday at the university's Board of Control meeting.” 

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