Portable Interlocking Skateboard Park Features to Be Utilized on Any Flat Surface

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Why This Project Is Important 

The skateboard industry is booming. The ability for those interested in the sport to go to a skatepark has proven to be a major source of growth throughout the history of skateboarding. However, rural areas often do not have access to any sort of skatepark which leaves skateboarders having to find their own means to skate. This project plans to solve the problem of access to skateparks by creating a Portable Modular Skatepark.

Project Description 

This BoardSports Enterprise team plans to design and manufacture a customizable skatepark with a goal of exceeding current market capabilities. 

The following will be implemented in order to achieve this goal:

·     Lightweight flat panels

·     Durable skate surfaces

·     Interlocking modular features

·     Assembly design optimization


The implementation of lightweight, durable panels in combination with interlocking modular features will allow for a skatepark of any size and countless features to be assembled. Size constraints per panel, or feature, will allow for the user to easily move the skatepark as well as choose how much skatepark they want to assemble. Design considerations revolving around ease of assembly and use creates a competitive edge that pushes this project to the forefront of modern skateparks. With this product the skateboard industry can successfully spread to even the most remote rural communities.

Meet the Researchers

Ryan Logan

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Ibrahim Miskioglu

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Kody Nutting

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Daniel Hammerstrom

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Any donation goes directly towards material purchases. Material that provides a professional level skate surface is considerably expensive. Any donation allows us the opportunity to purchase the highest quality material which inevitably leads to the highest quality final product.

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Thank you email plus updates of project

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Name or Company Logo placed on final product and listed as sponsor on project documents

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3D printed model of final product (scaled down)

Regarding the 3D printed model: 3D printing will take time; therefore, you may not receive your model for a few weeks after the the design is finalized and your donation is submitted.

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