BoardSport Technologies Senior Design: Electric Motor Powered Mountain Board

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Why This Project Is Important 

Longboarding has quickly established their spot in the board industry due to their increasing popularity as a mode of transportation. Very low start-up and maintenance costs along with the thrill of the ride have made it a very popular choice among college students as an alternative vehicle. As with all other boards, the biggest drawback is the limitation of inclined terrain. Longboards are restricted to flat and downhill paved surfaces and need to be pushed or walked uphill. Mountain boards are much more versatile but still require walking up hills.

Project Description 

Michigan Technological University’s BoardSport Technologies Enterprise is currently designing an electric powered mountain board as an alternative vehicle that will allow users to efficiently navigate hills and trails. Mountain boarding has evolved from a desire to take the surf-like feel of longboarding to natural grass and dirt hills. The main distinctions between a longboard and mountain board are spring suspension trucks, much larger wheels and a braking system used in the mountain board.The BoardSport Technologies Enterprise will design and manufacture all components but the electric power system and wheels. The board will be rear powered and have independent front suspension. The deck will be custom fabricated using the BST Universal Press. An electric mountain board will allow riders to traverse most environments and hills effortlessly. It is also a green alternative vehicle that can be recharged through an outlet once the destination is reached. Our project will be completed by May 2015. Follow our progress on Facebook! Board Features: -8 Inch knobby all terrain tires -25 mph top speed -Front truck suspension -Dual-drive rear wheels -Hand throttle / brake -Head and Tail Lights

Meet the Researchers

Ryan Grady

My name is Ryan Grady and I am the 2014-15 President of the BoardSport Technologies Enterprise. I have been an active member of BoardSport Technologies for three years. In 2013-14, I was the Snow Team Leader and our team applied engineering, design and testing in developing a lighter and more flexible snowboard.

This year, for my Senior Design Project, I have applied the principles of physics, engineering and materials science into the design, production and manufacturing of the Electric Motor Powered Mountain Board. Working in the BoardSport Technologies Enterprise Program has given me the opportunity to apply what I have learned at Michigan Tech and incorporate it into this project.

I have spent countless hours on these projects and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

I will be graduating in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Manufacturing.

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Purchase electric drive system for our design. We would like to get an electric motor powerful enough to tackle just about any hill and Lithium-Ion batteries for the longest rides possible.
  • Purchase materials to build the trucks and deck. The trucks will be designed and fabricated by our team at Michigan Tech's Minerals and Materials Engineering machine shop. The deck will also be made by BST using our Universal Board Press (pictured above)
  • Shocks, wheels, and hardware to finish the job!

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Thank you letter and receipt acknowledging tax-deductible status of your donation

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The above, plus a BST ski/snowboard wax scraper

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All the above, plus a one of a kind BST made skateboard deck

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All the above, plus a BST manufactured snowboard

Skateboards and Snowboards will require 2-3 weeks to produce

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