Lisa Casper's Profile


Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Michigan Technological University
Master of Business Administration, University of Oregon
Bachelor of Science Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronauitical University

Lisa's research projects

Easy, Accurate and Quicker Way of Diagnosing Eye Disease | Fast Ocular Check Up System [FOCUS]

Healthcare across the globe is dominated by multinational corporations. Hospitals are filled with big machines and numerous other instruments that cost more than they should and there are scopes for improvement. The field of optometry is no exception. But the question is, who cares?

AutoHome -- Smart Solution for Smarter Living

The main problem with current home automation solutions is that they are platform-dependent and they cannot integrate with traditional devices. Our main mission is to design a system that could integrate with smart and traditional devices.

Virtual Role-Playing Environment for Dungeons & Dragons

In the digital age many find it difficult to play role-playing tabletop games at a physical table. Instead they use environments such as Roll20 or they meet using Discord or Skype. These services can still be lacking and usually make it difficult to visualize battles or scenery. This project would develop a robust 3D environment with integrated Dungeon Mastering tools to make games run smoothly.

Audio to Visual Translator

1 in every 1000 people is deaf below 18 years of age. To put in perspective, 300 thousand people just in US are deaf below voting age. Closed captioning in various form is the current solution only alleviating the problem. The key to solving this problem completely is by visual illustration. Vakya is essentially an audio to visual translator designed to save dependents from social stigma.

Hypothermia Preventing Life Jackets

Here in the Keweenaw, we know winter all too well. But, we don't allow winter weather to define our lives, we instead find ways to overcome cold temperatures and conquer massive amounts of snowfall.

A Year-Round, High Yield, Resource Lean, SMART Organic Indoor Farming Company

We aim to cultivate vegetables with data-driven, climate-controlled, indoor vertical farming methods.
We challenge the traditional growing seasons and supply chains to ensure the delivery of fresh produce at a commercial scale throughout the year grown in a neighborhood near you.

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