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Why This Project Is Important 

Unlike many of our peer institutions, Michigan Technological University has historically lacked a coherent and sustained space for fostering and publishing undergraduate scholarly, research, and creative writing. Our students need to be capable of the kind of expansive thinking required of them to be leaders in what is being dubbed by some as a "Fourth Industrial Revolution." Technical skills and knowledge alone will not poise them for success. Students need to be creative innovators, able to blend humanistic and technical ways of being, knowing, and communicating. The Portage Review will provide undergraduate students with a vibrant forum in which they might begin to exercise, express, and share their innovative ideas beyond the walls of the classroom. Michigan Tech students deserve that platform, one that will help reinforce the importance of writing and communication in every field, provide valuable experience in getting their ideas to press, and encourage them to fully engage in their academic community. Small donations add up fast to help us achieve this goal! Please consider donating today.


Project Description 

Founded in 2017 and edited by graduate students in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture Program in the Department of Humanities, the Portage Review is a magazine linked to the Composition Program at Michigan Technological University. It seeks to highlight the transdisciplinary scholarly, research, and creative writing of our undergraduate students, the diverse communities they represent, and the vibrant campus culture they help to create and foster. Our pilot issue can be found at

Meet the Researchers

Josh Chase

Josh Chase is a PhD student in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture program at Michigan Technological University. He is the Composition Program Fellow and managing editor of the Portage Review. His research focuses on the rhetorical construction of conspiracy theories, the impacts of such theories on political discourse and culture, and on the implications for technical communication and composition studies.

G. Edzordzi Agbozo

Edzordzi is a PhD student in the Rhetoric, Theory and Culture program at Michigan Technological University. He is the Graduate Program Fellow and Associate Editor of the Portage Review. His current research interrogates postcolonial technologies through Critical Discourse, Comparative Rhetoric, and Decolonial approaches. His poems appeared in Prairie Schooner, Dunes Review, Oakland Review, Drift, Kalahari Review, U.P. Reader, and anthologized in "According to Sources: An anthology of Poetry" and "Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace".

Laura Vidal

Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay. Master student at the Rhetoric, Theory and Culture program in Michigan Tech. Her research interests cover Multimodal Composition, Multimodal rhetoric and pedagogy. Laura's final project as a Master Student deals with Graduate Teaching Instructors and their experience while teaching Multimodality.

Tolulope Odebunmi

Tolu is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture Program. Her research interests include language, gender, and politics as well as language use in popular culture.

Nicholas Gerstner

Nicholas Gerstner is a MS student in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture program at Michigan Technological University. He locates his research across the fields of cultural studies, media studies, and rhetoric. His current projects focus on holistic explanations for vaccine hesitancy and on pedagogical approaches in cultural studies.

M. Bartley Seigel

M. Bartley Seigel is faculty advisor for the Portage Review. He is the author of This Is What They Say (Typecast Publishing); founding editor and publisher emeritus, PANK Magazine; and associate professor of creative writing at Michigan Technological University. His poetry regularly appears in journals such as DIAGRAM, Michigan Quarterly Review, Split Rock Review, Thrush, and Words without Borders, among others.

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