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M. Bartley Seigel is faculty advisor for the Portage Review. He is the author of This Is What They Say (Typecast Publishing); founding editor and publisher emeritus, PANK Magazine; and associate professor of creative writing at Michigan Technological University. His poetry regularly appears in journals such as DIAGRAM, Michigan Quarterly Review, Split Rock Review, Thrush, and Words without Borders, among others.

M. Bartley's research projects

The Portage Review

How can we best prepare Michigan Tech students to be capable of the kind of expansive thinking that prepares them to be leaders in what is being dubbed by some as a "Fourth Industrial Revolution?" See how you can help!

[PANK] – PANK Magazine & Tiny Hardcore Press

Founded in 2006, [PANK] is the critically-acclaimed literary arts organization comprised of PANK Magazine and Tiny Hardcore Press. [PANK] publishes for the most adventurous readers around the world.
“Scrappy...intello-chic...and a really good read...PANK Magazine publishes a raft of experimental fiction and poetry.”
–New York Times

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