Transportable Water Purification System

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Why This Project Is Important 

GEAR Enterprise seeks to design, engineer, and produce an easily transportable, independent water purification system for use in situations such as an expedition base camp or in areas where communities don’t have access to clean drinking water. This project could have a huge impact on third world communities by providing clean, safe drinking water. With this water filtration system numerous water related diseases that are prominent in many communities around the world could be massively reduced by using simple purification methods.

Project Description 

Michigan Technological University's General and Expedition Adventure Reserach Enterprise (GEAR) collaborates with the outdoor recreation industyr to develop new products and new processes. GEAR is currently discussing developing a water purificaiton system. However, in this stage of GEAR’s project, there is not a final design that has been agreed upon for the purification system. The team is still in the early stages of the project, but is using the following project constraints and ideas to fuel the design process. The proposed water purifier will utilize a pump and hose system which will collect untreated water from its source and run it through a filtration device to remove sediment and other particles. The water will then be pumped into a reservoir where it may be treated with UV light to kill microbes, if necessary, to meet the EPA’s water quality standards. The system will be automated with the use of a power source, such as a solar panel, to supply the pump and controls. The filtration system will automatically pump and purify water until the reservoir is full. Clean water will be stored until it is consumed. The design of this will be such that it is easily transportable, light, and economical.

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Meet the Researcher

GEAR Enterprise

Known as GEAR, the General & Expedition Adventure Research Enterprise is a collective of engineering students at Michigan Technological University with a passion for engineering applications in the outdoors. Currently, the Team is launching its first Senior Design project with the Water Purification System.

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  • GEAR Enterprise does not generate funds internally, so every donation is a great gift to the Team. The Team can use these funds to pursue new ideas and projects that could potentially be beneficial to a variety of fields and human needs. Having the ability to utilize resources and materials is a huge opportunity for the Enterprise to develop new products and foster education for the Team and other community members.
  • Donations will allow GEAR Enterprise to acquire the materials needed to build and test the water purification system. These funds will directly contribute to the quality of supplies the Team is able to purchase such as a pump, filter, hoses, reservoirs and other parts that are needed for the purification system. After internal testing and completion of the water purification system, the donations could also help fund certification by the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF). This would be a huge accomplishment for the water purification project and for GEAR Enterprise as a whole.

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For donating over $5, the Team would like to keep the donor updated on the Water Purification Project with its progress and major accomplishments through email messages. For donating over $30, the Team would like to thank the donors by acknowledging their support in the Final Design Report.

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