HEET: Houghton Energy Efficiency Team 2016 Home Weatherization Blitz

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Why This Project Is Important 

With our harsh winters, it takes a lot of energy and money to keep homes warm. The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team aims to help low-income Houghton County residents lower their utility bills and improve their standard of living by weatherizing over 150 houses in 2016!

Project Description 

Houghton County is competing to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize by working with local communities to lower our electricity and natural gas consumption over the next two years. Many homes in our area are energy hogs: they are very old and not nearly as insulated or leak-proof as they should be. That’s why the Houghton Energy Efficiency Team is raising money to help weatherize over 150 houses by December 2016. We are raising a volunteer army of Michigan Tech students who are helping to lead community volunteers, but insulation materials can be costly for lots of folks. So, we need help to make this project a success. Your donation will be used to purchase supplies, such as caulk and foamboard. Though it will cost about $200 to weatherize each home, that investment will save a local resident many hundreds or even thousands of dollars by lowering their heating costs for many winters to come. Please help us complete this Home Weatherization Blitz. This is a great project, and we hope you can join us! Visit our website at for more details, or check out the 'Houghton Energy Efficiency Team' Facebook page. Thanks for your support!

Please visit our website at for more details, or visit the 'Houghton Energy Efficiency Team' Facebook page. Thanks for your support!

Meet the Researchers

Robert Handler

I work at Michigan Tech, as the Operations Manager for the Michigan Tech Sustainable Futures Institute. We organize sustainability-themed research and education projects that involve faculty and students from all across campus to look at issues related to energy, materials/manufacturing, international development, and complex systems. Before coming to Michigan Tech, I went to graduate school at the University of Iowa, where I earned a PhD in Environmental Engineering.

Melissa Davis

It was a great day when HEET's Hiring Committee selected me as Energy Manager for the Team's 2-year bid for the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The dedication that HEET's nine coordinators (all volunteering!) are showing is phenomenal. They have been at this for nearly two years because they know that energy efficiency is the most responsible first handle to grasp when working with energy issues and systems. The most exciting part about it for me is that the outcomes are all win-win! Homeowners are warmer & save money; volunteers learn *very* handy skills; and the energy we use becomes more effectively channeled. New Power Tour, Inc. is the legal nonproft sponsor of this project. OVer the past year, NPT has raised ~$11,000 towards our aggressive goal for materials in HEET's 2016 Winterization Blitz. In the last five years, we have winterized over 60 houses in the area, and we are excited about the opportunity to make a significant dent in Houghton County's 2016 residential and municipal electricity and natural gas aggregated consumption pattern. We have tested, refined and distilled our delivery model into straightforward 9-Point Winterization Protocol. Look for it around the area's hardware stores when you're out visiting Ace, Swift's and Festival Foods Hardware stores in 2016! If you'd like keep updated on a regular basis, don't hesitate to visit and subscribe to our mailing list, located on...

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Purchase materials for weatherizing homes of low-income Houghton County residents - Caulk, spray foam, blue board insulation, furnace wraps, air filters, etc.
  • Help your neighbors and friends lower their energy bills this winter, and keep saving for many years!

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HEET Home consultation, plus labor and materials to weatherize your home or a home of your choice! **

**Home weatherization work must be conducted on homes in Houghton County. HEET Home weatherizations are conducted according to HEET's 9-point weatherization plan, which can be seen here:

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