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GEAR Enterprise at Michigan Technological University
GEAR Enterprise Mission Statement
To provide students with professional experiences with industry-fueled projects and team-based learning through the design, testing, analysis and prototype of outdoor adventure and expedition equipment
A Truly Unique Opportunity for Your Company
The GEAR Enterprise seeks to take advantage of the ideal location for innovation in outdoor recreation equipment by bringing together highly motivated engineering students from all disciplines and a growing Outdoor Adventure Program. As a partner or sponsor, your benefits include a fresh look at design challenges and potential solutions through the eyes of an unbiased team, access to university facilities and faculty experience, exposure to the latest tools, techniques, and theory from a premier institution, firsthand observation of your future workforce and networking with talented students who have strong technical and business skills as well as passion for the outdoors.
What Does Sponsoring GEAR Look Like?
GEAR is an Engineering Consultant Firm of Students at Michigan Technological University. We are ready to take on your technical-based design and analysis problems including Thermal, Biomechanics, Materials, Prototype, Load/Force Analysis, Product 3D/2D CAD Design, and additional services.
GEAR is a member of the Enterprise Program at Michigan Technological University - an established, industry-driven program interfacing student teams with real-world experience during undergraduate education. Enterprise program website for additional information:

GEAR's research projects

General Expedition and Adventure Research (GEAR) Enterprise

The outdoor recreation sector is an expansive consumer industry, which provides an opportunity for further education and innovation for students, and companies. GEAR Enterprise focuses on designing, modeling, testing, prototyping and manufacturing a wide variety of goods and equipment used in recreational outdoor and commercial expedition endeavors.

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