Hayden Henderson's Profile


My work occurs at an intersection of engineering and ecosystems. Deployment of advanced observing systems, including real-time sensor networks and other oceanographic technology is necessary for support and validation of operational forecasting, early warning systems, and other developmental research used in the physical, biological, and chemical understanding of Great Lakes and coastal systems. The products made possible by these technologies aim to provide managers, public, and education sectors with the dense amount of information needed to understand physical science dynamics – all of which have implications for public safety, recreation, and further scientific study.

Hayden's research projects

Michigan Tech Great Lakes Buoy Network: Protecting Lives and Property from Hazardous Lake Conditions

The goal of this project is to maintain and improve on Michigan Tech's life-saving buoy network on the Great Lakes. The buoys measure wave conditions, wind speed and direction, water temperature, water current speeds, and detailed meteorological information. Funds from this project will be used to help support the continued operations and maintenance of the buoy network.

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