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Dean, College of Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Projects that Janet has supported

Get Stratus to Space!

Stratus is a satellite mission being developed by students of the Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise. The satellite has a manifested launch through the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). The build schedule has been delayed due to issues encountered during hardware assembly. The program is now seeking to replace malfunctioning hardware such that the spacecraft will fly in an operable state.

Michigan Tech Great Lakes Buoy Network: Protecting Lives and Property from Hazardous Lake Conditions

The goal of this project is to maintain and improve on Michigan Tech's life-saving buoy network on the Great Lakes. The buoys measure wave conditions, wind speed and direction, water temperature, water current speeds, and detailed meteorological information. Funds from this project will be used to help support the continued operations and maintenance of the buoy network.

Multiplanetary Innovation Enterprise Astro-Huskies Rover for NASA RMC Lunabotics

The Astro-Huskies Team is participating in the NASA RMC Lunabotics Competition in person at the Kennedy Space Center for the second time. The competition requires designing, building, testing, and competing an autonomous excavation robot that can travel through an obstacle area. Please help support our project today!

Adopt-a-Tree: Red Oak Adaptation to Environment

This project will investigate how northern hardwood trees adapt to their local environment by using two related species of red oak. We have collected acorns from across the trees' geographic range, and will plant them in two locations to measure how they perform. Understanding what makes trees thrive will allow us to select the best trees for future climates.

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