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I, Andrew Stalheim, am one of the two business team leads of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Enterprise at Michigan Tech for the 2020 to 2021 year. Having participated on the compression ignition engine team since fall 2019, I have been involved in progressing the team towards presenting a competition-ready sled. For this year, I have additionally taken on the business role and work to maintain budgets and pricing of the final product.

Andrew's research projects

Clean Snowmobile Challenge - Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Enterprise - Trailer Improvements

Currently, the two trucks and enclosed trailers have room for improvements in function and safety. After several years of wear and tear, the trailer non-slip floor covering needs replacement. Other identified areas for improvement include corrosion and leak repair on the older pickup truck, trailer imaging/wrap replacements, lighting, maintenance, and safety inspections.

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