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Caryn's research projects

Viral Transport Medium to Meet the Demand for COVID-19 Testing in the UP

SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19, has infected more than 27 million people worldwide. Given the number of patients who need to be tested, it has become very difficult to obtain viral transport medium (VTM), which is used for preservation of the specimens during transportation and/or storage at a testing facility. Help us by contributing to this project so that we can prepare more VTM for testing.

Projects that Caryn has supported

Baby Tears: Assessing Nutrition in Infants

Imagine if we could recognize nutritional deficiencies in infants and children before they cause serious medical damage. With only a single teardrop, we think it is possible to detect someone's vitamin levels in the same way blood plasma tests currently do, but through a quick—and completely painless—process.

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