Mine Rover's Profile


The Mining INnovation Enterprise (MINE) seeks to design, test, and implement mining innovation technologies for industry partners. MINE is apart of the NASA Robotic Competition that takes place in May 2020 at the Kennedy Space Center. We will be designing, building, and testing a robot that will be able to traverse and mine on a lunar surface

Mine's research projects

Lunar Excavation Rover for NASA Lunabotics Competition

The Mining INnovation Enterprise (MINE) is participating in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition for the first time. The competition requires designing, building, testing and competing an autonomous excavation robot and can travel through an obstacle area. Please help support our project today!

Autonomous Mining Rover for Mining Gypsum on Mars

MINE is a student-led program that is designed to teach the engineering process for future challenges in the mining industry. Space mining is an upcoming industry within engineering fields that in the next 20 years will become a multi-trillion dollar industry. In the program, we are building an autonomous Earth-based rover that will be able to test and carry a payload on Mars.

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