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After earning his B.S. degree from Michigan Technological University, Dr. David M. Lyth worked as a quality control manager for a heavy metal fabricator and a healthcare equipment manufacturer. During that time, he was certified as a quality engineer by the American Society for Quality Control. He received an M.S. from Western Michigan University and his Ph.D. in production and operations management from Michigan State University. Dr. Lyth completed ISO-9000 lead assessor training and worked with four firms as they achieved registration. His research has focused on the relationship of service quality to a variety of issues, including organizational culture and system design, ISO-9000 implementation, and supply chain management. Dr. Lyth is co-founder and co-director of WMU’s engineering management research laboratory. He is the editor-in-chief of Quality Engineering, one of the top journals in the quality field.

Projects that David has supported

Rice Callus: A Side-Effect-Free Solution to Cancer?

A multitude of anticancer treatments exist, but most of these options kill both a patient’s healthy cells and their cancerous ones. A surprising alternative may have been discovered, in rice callus. Test results have shown 80 to 95 percent of cancerous cells die when treated with rice callus, with almost no effect on normal cells—a very promising discovery.

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