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Mr. Campbell is Doctorate of Global Leadership candidate from Indiana Tech University, Fort Wayne IN. Mr Campbell holds a Master of Diplomacy in International Conflict Management and Terrorism from Norwich University, Northfield VT. He is widely published in international journals such as "An in-depth analysis of shared governance in a complex environment' (2014), "Conflict resolution: merging victimology and leadership to secure peace" (2013), "In-depth analysis of global leadership challenges" (2013), and "Global economic analysis of China, Russia, and India" (2013) as well as several paper presentations at the European Consortium for Political Research, International Leadership Association, and The Hague. Mr. Campbell works for the US Department of Defense as a Strategy and Integration Planner.

Andrew's research projects

An Analysis of Leadership Within the International Criminal Court

The global environment will continue to experience an increase in political and economic turmoil. This will result in regional instability, failed states, asymmetric conflict, and global terrorism. My research project explores the individual leadership competences of international judges, prosecutors, and court administrators at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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