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Mussel Chemistry Inspired Hydrogel Actuator

Existing man-made machines are mainly composed of hard, metallic components that are unsuitable for handling tissues that are soft and fragile or complex in shape. We seek to incorporate chemistry utilized by marine mussels to develop soft robotic components that can potentially better interface with biological systems.

Investigating the Sustainability of the Ship-Recycling Industry in Bangladesh

This project will improve the sustainability of the ship-recycling industry in Bangladesh, where millions of tons of metal are recovered from hundreds of beached container ships, oil tankers, and cruise liners annually. We will investigate how recycled metal flows through the metal smith community in Dhaka, and identify improvements that reduce environmental impacts and maintain social networks.

Take a Closer Look: Super-Lens Technology for Your Smartphone

Metamaterials—artificial materials that exhibit physical properties not seen in nature—could make the magical a reality. In the future, with metamaterials, you could make objects levitate with a laser beam, make yourself vanish, or create a super-lens to turn your smartphone into a high-power microscope.

Genetic Improvement of Blueberries: Phase I

Do you prefer larger, more flavorful blueberries? Our project is focused on identifying fruit microRNAs to improve the size and taste of blueberries. The yield of blueberries is related to their size, and while wild blueberries taste better than cultivars, their yield is much lower. We aim to find a way to combine the high yield of cultivars with the superior flavor of wild blueberries.

A Year-Round, High Yield, Resource Lean, SMART Organic Indoor Farming Company

We aim to cultivate vegetables with data-driven, climate-controlled, indoor vertical farming methods.
We challenge the traditional growing seasons and supply chains to ensure the delivery of fresh produce at a commercial scale throughout the year grown in a neighborhood near you.

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