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I am a Professor of Practice in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Dept. (MMET) and serve as the Enterprise Program Director, housed in the Pavlis Honors College (PHC). I advise the Supermileage Systems Enterprise, one of four teams under Michigan Tech Advanced Motorsports. I also teach two courses in Lean/Six Sigma methods as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Prior to Michigan Tech, I spent twelve years in industry in various roles including product development, materials, program management, operations, and Lean/Six Sigma/Quality. I've worked in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and consumer product sectors and have authored/co-authored ten patents in the area of automotive filtration products/systems.

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Rick's research projects

Supermileage Systems - Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Enterprise - Trailer Improvements

Currently, the two trucks and enclosed trailers have room for improvements in function and safety. After several years of wear and tear, the trailer non-slip floor covering needs replacement. Other identified areas for improvement include corrosion and leak repair on the older pickup truck, trailer imaging/wrap replacements, lighting, maintenance, and safety inspections.

Supermileage Systems - Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Enterprise - Competition Trailer Improvements

Currently, our two enclosed trailers have room for improvements in function and safety. We currently have one older generator that has to be shared between four teams, and this creates a problem when two teams have overlapping events. After several years of normal wear and tear, the non-slip floor covering needs replacement.

Advanced Motorsports (AMS) Enterprise - Competition Trailer Improvements

The AMS Enterprise teams are working together to raise funds to improve our current competition trailers. It is important to have equipment that not only shows our professionalism at competition, but also our school pride while on the road.

Supermileage Systems Enterprise Brushless DC Motor Controller Project

To compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon our team has a 300 Watt motor that we are going to control by way of a brushless DC motor controller. This project is unlike anything this team has previously accomplished and upon success of the project this team will receive high placement at the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon competition in Detroit, MI!

Supermileage Systems Enterprise Battery Electric Vehicle Project

MTU's Supermileage System Enterprise team is pursuing fuel economy challenges by developing vehicles that push efficiency to the extreme. Our team is striving to explore the benefits of using battery electric technology with the use of advanced, lightweight composite materials, advanced motor controls and extreme designs to reduce drag similar to our High Efficiency Vehicle.

Advanced Motorsports: Creating the Future of the Vehicle and Mobility Industry

AMS Enterprise teams provide a rich multidisciplinary, multiyear educational and research experience for nearly 150 students each year. Many students select Michigan Tech over other schools for the AMS/Enterprise program and for the opportunities to engage in team-based, experiential learning.

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