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Why This Project Is Important 

Proper sanitation is necessary in all schools in order for the schools to make long lasting impacts on the children it serves. As sanitation continues to improve in schools, it allows to children to be more present in school, missing less from preventable illnesses and other health reasons that may otherwise force them to stay home. This with sustainable growth in the STEM field of education will help the students prepare themselves for upcoming exams and higher levels of education. In turn, with high levels of education in the community, the standards of living will improve and the students will be able to give back to their own communities by using their education.

Project Description 

The Global Leadership Pathway, at Michigan Tech, inspires and prepares students to become leaders who challenge themselves, work effectively on diverse teams, and achieve their goals through life-changing courses, projects, mentorships, and international experiences. The highlight of the Global Leadership Pathway is a 5-week international experience, and this year we will be heading to Tanzania. While there we must use the skills we have developed to successfully complete meaningful projects that will have a positive effect on the Tanzania community. For our trip, we have three projects, which are outlined below.

Hand Washing Station/Sanitation: Tippy-tap hand washing stations will be implemented at the schools using locally sourced materials in order to increase sustainability. The materials will consist of a large jug to hold the water, sticks to build the frame of the structure, and rope to create the foot pedal that is used to pour the water from the jug. The rope will also be used to hold the soap, a key resource for this project to be successful.

STEM Activities for Elementary/High School Students: STEM Education consists of subjects that many kids believe they cannot do. A variety of fun activities will be used to give kids the confidence that they can do anything they put their mind to. The projects that will possbily be used are card games to learn fractions, Michigan Technological University Mind Trekkers activities that have ingredients that can be bought in Tanzania to show the kids that they can do science with items they can find down the street, and possibly creating homemade Play-Doh with ingredients bought at a market to help the older kids learn about fractions and the younger kids to learn about shapes.

English: Work with the teachers on methods of education that are more engaging for students. English is used as the language of education in high school, so helping make sure that students gain a strong understanding of the core concepts of the language in a way that can be absorbed and applied to school is important. Working on teaching with more hands-on methods and games.

Meet the Researchers

Emily Rutledge

Emily Rutledge - Emily is a third year Environmental Engineering major at Michigan Technological University. Emily grew up in Holland, Michigan with her mom, dad, and two dogs. At Michigan Tech Emily is involved with the Ski and Snowboard club as a member of the executive board, is in the Pavlis Honors College, is a member of the Green Campus Enterprise, and volunteers with the YWLP mentoring program. Emily enjoys volunteering and is passionate about sustainability. In her free time Emily enjoys downhill skiing, running, hiking, camping, backpacking and spending time with friends and family.

Madi Vachon

4th year English major at Michigan Technological University.

Samantha Dertinger

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