Study Sustainability in Costa Rica: A Faculty-led MTU Study Abroad program in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Why This Project Is Important 

Studying abroad enriches student education and introduces new cultural and professional experiences, but its expensive and this can make it exclusive to only the most privileged students. Donating here will support scholarships for low-to-moderate income, first generation, and students of color to study sustainability in Costa Rica for five weeks while they earn 9 Michigan Tech credits that count towards their degree.

Project Description 

Study Sustainability in Costa Rica is a faculty-led MTU study away opportunity where students can earn up to 10 Michigan Tech credits that count towards their degree while living with Costa Rican families in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The program is in collaboration with the Monteverde Institute, which serves as our host institution and logistics coordinator. Students study tree growth in a forest restoration project, boat with fishermen committed to sustainable fishing practices, tour the Cloud Rainforest with local guides, and learn Spanish. The program focuses on sustainable community development, conservation, protected areas, and renewable energy in a country that is world famous for meeting these kinds of sustainability goals. Learning is both classroom and experiential based.

Meet the Researcher

Richelle Winkler

Richelle Winkler is a sociologist and demographer who studies social transitions and sustainability issues through demographic and community engaged research methods. Dr. Winkler’s work focuses on community-based decision-making and the spatial, technical, and policy dimensions of energy transitions.

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  • Support scholarships for low-to-moderate income students, first generation students, and students of color.
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