StreetKnits: Creating a close-knit charity organization at Michigan Tech

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Why This Project Is Important 

Michigan Tech has the opportunity to partner with StreetKnits, a charity that donates knitwear to homeless shelters in the Midwest. Students who participate in this project are part of a global community that raises awareness for the homeless. Please see StreetKnits' Facebook page for more information.

Project Description 

StreetKnits offers a wonderful service-learning opportunity for students of Technical Communication classes. Silke will teach classes how to create easy projects like scarves and hats. After producing a project, classes will, individually or in groups, create documents that can teach people how to knit (blogs, presentations, videos). The projects created by the students will then be donated to people who currently do not have a home. By being a part of StreetKnits, students raise awareness for homeless people within their classes and communities. 

If you would like to get involved with StreetKnits, please send an email to

Meet the Researchers

Silke Feltz

I am a PhD Student in Rhetoric, Theory & Culture at Michigan Technological University. One of my passions is knitting which caused me to launch StreetKnits, an international knitting charity that creates knitwear for homeless people in the Midwest. In 2014, StreetKnits donated close to 60 items to the Simpson Housing Community in Minneapolis. In 2015, the community of StreetKnitters made and donated close to 200 projects! We could donate these items to the wonderful New Community Shelter in Green Bay.

Clare Zuraw

Clare in an instructor in the Intensive English as a Second Language program in the Humanities Department at Michigan Tech. As an avid knitter, educator, and supporter of social justice, she's excited to be involved with StreetKnits at Michigan Tech.

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  • By donating to this project, the necessary yarn and needles can be purchased in order to teach knitting to Michigan Tech students.
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