2020 Winter Carnival All-Nighter Snowmobile Freestyle Show with X Games Professional Riders

Institution: Michigan Technological University
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Why This Project Is Important 

Did you know that in 1927, Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival had an event where they gave sled rides behind an airplane at speeds up to 60 mph? We are trying to bring a thrilling event to the carnival, but this time we would like to put the "sleds" in the air. When people find out that a student attends Michigan Tech, one of the first questions they ask is, "Do kids really ride their snowmobiles to class?" Although it is not as common as many may think, the snowmobile culture is a huge part of the Keweenaw, and it brings a mass amount of income to local businesses in the city of Houghton and surrounding areas. There have been various students who decided to attend Michigan Tech on the fact that it has a snowmobile club. Aside from the large amount of students and community members that would enjoy the show due to their love of snowmobiles, it also can introduce those who have never been exposed to the machines to the fun that can be had with them.

Project Description 

Every year, Michigan Technological University holds a Winter Carnival with beautiful snow statue making, many exciting winter themed events, and thousands of attendees. During the Carnival kickoff event, the all-nighter, the Sledheads at Michigan Tech are planning to bring in professional X Games snowmobile riders to flip their sleds through the air and put on an exciting freestyle show right on campus. To put on such a large event, many costs are associated, such as those from the vendor for travel, riders, and equipment, as well as facility costs to construct the snow forms required. Although this event is a major project to tackle, we are confident that it will be worth the large expense and work put forth, when it is the all-nighter on February 5th, 2020, and the pure awe and enjoyment can be seen on spectators' faces.

Meet the Researcher

Tia Fedor

Public Relations for The Snowmobile Club at Michigan Tech
4th Year, Mechanical Engineering Student

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  • Fund costs from the Vendor (travel, riders, equipment etc)
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  • Fund costs associated with Facilities, or set-up and tear-down
  • Fund costs associated with Parking Lot closure

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