Finding a Babysitter When You Need it Most

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Why This Project Is Important 

Ever wake up to your children screaming "SNOW DAY!!!!"? Ever dread not knowing when snow days are until the very last second? Ever struggle to find a sitter for your children only to have to call in sick for work or even bring your child into work? Well then you'll want to hear what i have to say...

Project Description 

Michigan Technological University's ITOxygen team is developing a Snow Day App, which is a mobile application that allows its users who are in need of a babysitter to find someone to look after their children or would like to be a babysitter to find work on short notice. The app we're developing will create a way for young adults to create a sort of income, and will help parents when they need it. Your donations will go towards any cost that may occur during app development, such as membership to the Apple Developer Program, Google Play Console account, as well as supplying a device to run tests with.

Meet the Researchers

Nicholas Lindsley

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Russ Louks

Russ Louks joins the School of Business and Economics as a professor of practice of Management Information Systems and the Advisor for the ITOxygen Enterprise team.  He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.   He has 29 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing computer systems in manufacturing companies, including 4 years of managing the Ford university sourcing office in Houghton.  He has a very diverse background in computer technologies including experience with a variety of data collection technologies including 2D bar codes, RFID technologies, computer networking, serial communications, and handheld computing devices.  He also has experience with more traditional computing architectures such as client / server applications, web based applications, and database applications.  He has delivered computer systems to plants in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia and has led multi-national development teams.

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  • Provide users with a best mobile application possible
  • Create something very User-Friendly
  • Build a functionally efficient app
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