Robotics Systems Enterprise Submersible Project

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Why This Project Is Important 

Our long term goal is to eventually work with the Michigan Tech Great Lakes Research Center to take soil samples from polluted bodies of water for environmental analysis. We believe this tool would be useful in analyzing bodies of water in the area. 

Project Description 

The Robotic Systems Enterprise is creating a modular remotely operated vehicle to collect soil samples from the bottom of lakes. In previous semesters, we were able to submerge, emerge, and maneuver our vehicle during underwater testing. We plan to make significant improvements on our vehicle this year. We will be creating a sediment collector, and utilizing it to collect core samples. Your donation can help us purchase the equipment and materials needed to further our research and bring us closer to achieving our project goals.

The goals for this year are:

• Create new watertight box to house the battery and fix leaks: The new box shall withstand additional pressure without leaking which allows for inputs/outputs and future expandability

• Replace solenoids to deal with corrosion: The old solenoids were rated for all liquids, except for water. We will find some that can be used for water

• Reposition motors for better stability: Position motors further down and to the sides to allow better center of mass forces and easier turning

• Find an on-board battery source and create a system that is interchangeable with the power source that is already in use

• Create a system where power can be supplied from an external power supply or an internal battery.

• Remake circuit boards to be better corrosion resistant: Current boards are made of pure copper and are tarnishing on the surface. Circuit boards should be coated.

• Create Graphical User Interface (GUI) for controlling Sub

• Integrated Sensors with programming: Work with current sensors and add more sensors as the project tries to move towards autonomy

• Add a camera to the sub and integrate with the GUI

• Fix problems that are discovered during testing

Extended goals

• Metal Ballast Tanks: Use metal tanks to allow for a higher safety factor and confirm pressure rating calculations of the previous semester’s PVC ballast tanks

• Add wireless communication to the sub

• Allow sub to operate untethered (no data cable needed)

• Add autonomous functionality to sub

• Sub could be preprogrammed to do a task without user control needed

• Create instruments for the sub

• Create data collection instruments (such as a soil sampler) that can be mounted on the sub

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Meet the Researcher

Glen Archer

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan Technological University. I am also the faculty advisor for the Robotic Systems Enterprise.

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Your donation can help us purchase the equipment and materials needed to further our research and bring us closer to achieving our project goals. Also, you will be helping us to fund our sediment collector. This will allow us to achieve a long term goal of the project to obtain core samples which will allow researchers to determine the health of the local ecosystems. Finally, your donation will continue this project so that many other engineering students will get to use the submersible to expand their engineering expertise.

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