Rekhi Innovation Challenge

The Rekhi Innovation Challenge is a crowdfunding competition to help promote and support student innovation and entrepreneurship through the use of Superior Ideas. The team that raises the most money will receive a monetary match up to $1,000. Additional awards will also be offered in five different categories, which are: total number of unique visitors, total number of unique funders, most social media engagement, most creative marketing communications strategy, and the first team to raise $500.

Easy, Accurate and Quicker Way of...

Healthcare across the globe is dominated by multinational corporations. Hospitals are filled with big machines and numerous other instruments that cost more than they should and there are scopes for improvement. The field of optometry is no exception.

$0 (funded)
$5,000 (goal)
Lunar Excavation Rover for NASA...

The Mining INnovation Enterprise (MINE) is participating in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition for the first time. The competition requires designing, building, testing and competing an autonomous excavation robot and can travel through an obstacle area. Please help support our project today!

$1,420 (funded)
$1,000 (goal)

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