Mobile Medicine: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Ghanaians

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Why This Project Is Important 

Most villages in Ghana have extremely limited access to medical facilities in cities because of a lack of adequate infrastructure. And, the clinics that do exist in these small villages have limited treatment abilities. Many ailments contracted by Ghanaians could be diagnosed, or even treated, on site—a service that village doctors currently cannot provide. The mobile clinic will bring basic healthcare services to villages surrounding large Ghanaian cities.

Project Description 

Mobile Wellness Systems, part of Michigan Technological University's International Business Ventures Enterprise, is designing a mobile medical clinic to be handed off to a hospital in the city of Sunyani, Ghana. The vehicle, an E350 van donated by Michigan Tech, will be outfitted with medical equipment that can be used to diagnose, prevent, and treat various medical diseases and illnesses that are common in Ghana.

The main focus of this project is to provide mobile diagnostic tools. One of the largest health issues in Ghana is that people wait until they are very sick to seek help because it is so hard to get to a medical facility.

The mobile clinic will be able to provide health care to some of the most medically neglected villages in Ghana: small towns outlying large cities. The most remote villages actually receive better medical care than mid-level villages, as they are typically where volunteers from other countries spend their time.

In the mobile clinic's first year, we also plan to overlay information gleaned from the clinic—like positive or negative test results, location, and time—over maps of where tests were performed. This will help us to better understand the overall wellness of Ghanaians, and determine which medical tools are most important to have on-hand in the future.

With your donations, we will be able to purchase the following equipment needed to successfully launch the mobile clinic:

  • Generator
  • Water tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Biohazard bins
  • Roof rack

  • GPS-enabled tablet computer
  • Data-acquiring software

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Equip a mobile clinic with medical tools
  • Fund shipment of completed clinic to Ghana
  • Track health trends of Ghanaian villages

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