Innovative Global Solutions Low-Cost Ventilator

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Why This Project Is Important 

It is currently estimated that there are 120,000 ventilators in hospitals worldwide. In the case of a flu pandemic there would need to be 700,000 ventilators to meet the needs of respiratory patients. Due to their high cost, mechanical ventilators are a rarity especially in developing countries. We would like to make ventilators more accessible to everyone by creating a ventilator at a much lower cost as well as more portable and easy to use.

Project Description 

The Innovative Global Solutions Enterprise team at Michigan Technological University is developing a low cost ventilator to be used in developing nations. In countries such as Ghana it is hard to gain access to this type of medical equipment due to its high costs and difficulty maintaining it. The low-cost ventilator will cost under $1000 compared the typical cost of $40,000. Patient’s breaths will be controlled and monitored using pressure sensors. It is possible to hook the device up to a battery for better portability. Currently, the team is collaborating with the engineering and medical staff at KNUST University in Kumasi, Ghana on design improvements to integrate this device into the local environment and ensure that Ghanaian engineers are able to provide maintenance locally.

Meet the Researchers

Hannah Powers

I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University and current CEO for the Innovative Global Solutions Enterprise.

Michele Miller

Dr. Miller has done research in the diverse fields of precision machining, micro-electromechanical systems and engineering education.  She and her students have described the effects of wheel characteristics on the grinding of brittle materials, developed models of the vibration assisted grinding process, developed time-efficient analytical models of mass-resonant sensor dynamics for the purpose of design optimization, and advanced knowledge of the learning of hands-on ability.

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  • Develop oxygen control capabilities
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