Improving Health Care in Ghana's Remote Villages

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Why This Project Is Important 

Villages located outside the cities in Ghana (Ghana is a multinational state in Africa) have limited access to basic medical equipment that is essential to providing proper health care.

Last year the Pavlis Institute of Michigan Technological University, along with the help of the International Business Ventures Enterprise, provided Ghana with a Mobile Health Clinic. This Mobile Health Clinic is now run by a team of doctors and health care professionals in Ghana, providing easier access to health care. In order to optimize the level of care in these communities, it is necessary to continue adding to and improving the Mobile Health Clinic.

Project Description 

After working with the Mobile Clinic for a year, it was determined that having a Portable X-Ray machine on board would be of critical value. Being able to diagnose broken bones and fractures, on site, will save time, money, and undue stress for many Ghanaians.

Funds received will be used to purhase and ship a portable x-ray machine and other first aid medical supplies for use in the villages’ clinics and community centers.

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What Your Donation Can Help Us Do: 

  • Purchase a portable X-Ray machine
  • Purchase First Aid supplies
  • Ship medical equipment over to Ghana
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