Completed Projects

Underrepresented Prospective...

This campaign involves assisting students in travel and accommodations, removing the known barrier of high transportation expenses given our unique geographical location, and allows them to have an introduction to the Michigan Tech experience. The fund will help with transportation, accommodations,...

$10,050 (funded)
$10,000 (goal)
Graduate Student Conference Award

Professional and scholarly conferences are key avenues for presenting one’s research out to the larger community. In addition to sharing knowledge and learning more about the work done by fellow researchers, such conferences also play a key role in graduate students’ professional development....

$520 (funded)
$5,000 (goal)
The Portage Review

How can we best prepare Michigan Tech students to be capable of the kind of expansive thinking that prepares them to be leaders in what is being dubbed by some as a "Fourth Industrial Revolution?" See how you can help!

$1,005 (funded)
$5,000 (goal)
Locating Two of Lake...

Researchers at Michigan Tech's Great Lakes Research Center study all things water - what is in it, what lives in it, and what lies beneath.

$12,500 (funded)
$8,385 (goal)
Improving wild and cultivar...

用蓝莓对抗糖尿病和癌症:This project aims to improve the health of people, the education of Michigan Tech students, the research capability of Michigan Tech faculty, and the extension of growing better blueberries for the economical growth of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our goal is to...

$7,000 (funded)
$30,000 (goal)
Education and Safety Projects in...

This summer we will be traveling to Tanzania for five weeks. Our projects include STEM education, safety procedures, clean water, and technology implementation. These are all projects that past teams have recommended and we are excited to get started this year!

$210 (funded)
$1,000 (goal)
Health and Education Projects in...

The project ideas that we will be selecting our projects from include a STEM Education project, a Women's Health Project that has been in place for 3 years, a lesson that teaches children the importance of hand washing, teaching children about technology and computers with Raspberry Pi machines, and...

$950 (funded)
$2,000 (goal)
Zinc-Based Biodegradable Stents...

Stents are small expandable tubes used to treat narrowed or weakened arteries in the body. I am working on developing zinc-based bioabsorbable stents that may work much better and with fewer side effects.

$2,150 (funded)
$7,000 (goal)
BoardSport Technologies Enterprise...

While snowboarding in the back-country, avalanches become a potential danger to a snowboard rider. If caught in an avalanche, the rider will be buried and could be lost for hours (leading to the likely possibility of death). Therefore, the SmartBoard will have two different ways to track the...

$245 (funded)
$450 (goal)
Outreach, Blue Marble Security

This project will raise awareness for Michigan Tech's Electrical and Computer Engineering department. Target groups are middle/high school students and women; the latter of which is under-represented in Engineering in general. Raising awareness increases the number of potential students and will...

$125 (funded)
$1,000 (goal)


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