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I am a senior student at Michigan Tech studying Electrical Engineering. I am also a student-athlete in the Women's Varsity Tennis Team. My academic interests include power distribution engineering and researching alternative forms of energy, and am additionally a fan of economics and am pursuing a minor in the field, with the intent of obtaining an MBA in the near future. Beside school and tennis, I am involved in research regarding the second-life of electric car batteries, and was previously involved and co-authored two papers discussing the effects of nanospheres on thin-film solar cell efficiency. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, partaking in various sports, martial arts, and reading.

Sandra's research projects

Outreach, Blue Marble Security

This project will raise awareness for Michigan Tech's Electrical and Computer Engineering department. Target groups are middle/high school students and women; the latter of which is under-represented in Engineering in general. Raising awareness increases the number of potential students and will help to diminish the gender gap in STEM fields, both at Michigan Tech and in the overall engineering industry.

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