S. M. Mizanur Rahman's Profile


I am a PhD. student in the Environmental and Energy Policy program in the Department of Social Science. I have a B.S. and Masters in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology and, later, completed another Masters in Development Studies from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I started my career as a lecturer of Chemistry and worked with a nonprofit organization as a project coordinator of a disaster management project. Currently, I am studying at Michigan Tech Social Science department and interested in investigating the influence of social capital behind the formation of industrial symbiosis in Bangladesh.

S. M. Mizanur's research projects

Investigating Knowledge Difference among the Islamic Activists In Bangladesh

Islamic Activism (IA) aspires to bring peace and justice for the Humanity. However, that requires sound understanding on fundamental principles of Islam.In addition, the level of understanding needs to be shared among the various level of activists in order to achieve expected outcome. I will interview activists involved in IA to examine how the knowledge level varies in different levels.

Investigating the Sustainability of the Ship-Recycling Industry in Bangladesh

This project will improve the sustainability of the ship-recycling industry in Bangladesh, where millions of tons of metal are recovered from hundreds of beached container ships, oil tankers, and cruise liners annually. We will investigate how recycled metal flows through the metal smith community in Dhaka, and identify improvements that reduce environmental impacts and maintain social networks.

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