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Why This Project Is Important 

The Career Networking Initiative is a collaborative effort between the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Government (GSG) to emphasize the importance of professional networking throughout a graduate student’s time at Michigan Tech. Attending professional and scholarly conferences to present research and technical information is key to graduate students’ professional development. Having the ability to communicate technical information in an understandable way is a skill that is highly sought by industry, business, and academia. Professional and scholarly conferences provide not only a supportive environment for students to hone their presentation and communication skills but also a networking opportunity. Students will be able to take what they learn from these conferences and apply them in other aspects of their daily lives. Students’ presentation of research is also a valuable source of outreach for Michigan Technological University.Student recipients of GSG’s Travel Grant Awards Program will be encouraged to engage in networking activities at the conferences and other professional venues they attend.

Project Description 

The Graduate Student Government will embark on a campaign to create greater awareness of the importance of networking during their time at Michigan Tech. This will involve reorienting its Travel Grant Awards Program so that recipients are encouraged to make contacts with professionals in their fields at the conferences they attend. We all know that “having a line on our vita” for a conference talk is not enough. It’s the people we meet and maintain meaningful connections with over time that help support our work and, when we go on the market, point us in helpful directions. It is not uncommon for graduate students to think of their career as something they begin after graduation. The Career Networking Initiative aims to change that line of thought. The teaching, designing, lab work, and research activities they engage in at Michigan Tech are more than just prerequisites to a later career in the so-called real world. That real world is here and now – and graduate students began their careers the moment they entered their graduate programs.


Past Graduate School Government travel grants recipients have stated the following:

  • “For the past three years, I have attended and presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conference. Since travel funds are not provided by my research sponsor, I depended entirely on GSG travel grants to cover costs. I’m sincerely grateful for this excellent financial support.”—Srinivasa Rao Sripathi, Ph.D Candidate, Biological Sciences
  • “GSG travel grants have enabled me to represent Michigan Tech nationally and present work from the Chemical Engineering department to industrial leaders and other academic institutions. They have allowed me to chair sessions and become deeply involved with professional societies. Travel grants have been a key to drastically expanding my professional network and professional development while studying at Michigan Tech.” – Howard Haselhuhn, PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering
  • “GSG travel grants have provided supplementary financial support essential to attending conferences where I’ve been able to present papers, fulfill my commitments as a committee chair, network with colleagues, and reconnect with former classmates.”—Andrew Baker, PhD Candidate, Materials Science & Engineering

Your support of the Graduate School and the GSG Travel Grants Awards Program will give Tech’s graduate students the opportunity to create meaningful networks with other professionals in their fields and thereby give them a competitive edge.

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