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Natasha Chopp is the Research Development and Marketing Manager in the Vice President for Research Office at Michigan Technological University. Natasha received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2006 and her Master of Business Administration in 2015, both from Michigan Tech. Natasha is currently working on her Master of Data Science and expects to graduate in the spring of 2017. Natasha was the project leader for developing Superior Ideas, which she now manages.

Projects that Natasha has supported

Project Africa - Education, Health, and Power

Our team will be focusing on improving the community and quality of life in Ghana and Tanzania. Our biggest focus will be improving the education system in both locations while providing the communities with the necessary resources.

Explosion of Science: Students Learn the Truth behind Scientific Mysteries

Help us share the excitement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with students from across the country in grades four through twelve. The Mind Trekkers STEM roadshow travels to schools and science festivals, inviting students to engage with our exciting, hands-on demonstrations—all facilitated by current Michigan Tech students.

Pioneering Women in Business Scholarship at Michigan Tech - Support Female Students in Business!

The Pioneering Women in Business (PWB) Scholarship is a great opportunity for women studying in the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Technological University. The scholarship supports female leaders who embrace hard work and embody strong ethics who are leaders in and out of the classroom.

The John H.F. Wheeler Memorial Fund

John Hammond Forest Wheeler was a student in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science when he was tragically killed in a car accident on November 23, 2016. John was smart, hard-working and passionate about forestry and natural resources. This project will establish a fund in John's memory that will support outreach efforts to high school students about natural resource careers.

Breaking Digital Barriers: Digital Literacy for the Elderly

As the digital revolution continues to sweep society, many senior citizens are left behind. Digital literacy for the elderly is a hidden—and profound—social justice issue. Through research and local outreach efforts, the Breaking Digital Barriers team aims to provide solutions.

StreetKnits: Creating a close-knit charity organization at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech students will engage in a service learning project by knitting for the homeless in Technical Communication classes. Apart from creating handmade projects for people who currently do not have a home, students will also create documents and thus raise social awareness and help the StreetKnits community grow. In 2014, StreetKnits donated 57 projects. In 2015, 185 projects were donated.

Ecotourism and Women's Empowerment: A Case Study in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Ecotourism could be a tool to promote women’s empowerment. Especially with its attention to social justice, encouragement, promoting participation and empowerment of local people, including women. However, little attention is currently devoted to women’s participation in ecotourism. The purpose of this research is to understand the processes through which ecotourism empowers or disempowers women.

Greener and Cleaner: Building a Better Snowmobile

Help tomorrow's engineers design cutting-edge snowmobile technology today. The Clean Snowmobile Challenge pits teams of students from different schools against one another to design the best environmentally friendly snowmobile—presenting concepts for quieter, cleaner, and more-efficient vehicles to industry.

Vent-A-Nation: International Business Venture Hopes to Save Lives

The International Business Venture Enterprise (IBV) at Michigan Technological University is a Biomedical Enterprise that focuses on providing solutions for global medical problems. To improve the capabilities and safety of low-cost ventilators, we are designing a simple yet reliable ventilator that can be stockpiled by hospitals.

Supermileage Systems Enterprise High Efficiency Vehicles

Due to increasingly strict fuel standards and the need to reduce the United States’ dependency on oil, the auto industry must develop new methods for increasing fuel mileage in their fleets.Michigan Technological University's Supermileage team is rising to the challenge by developing vehicles that push efficiency to the extreme. Imagine traveling from New York to Miami in a little over one gallon of gasoline.

Device to Detect a Heartbeat in an Unresponsive Newborn Infant

Oftentimes, in non-centralized regions of third world countries, the people present at the birth of a child have neither the training nor the equipment necessary to determine whether a non-responsive infant is living or stillborn. Students in the International Business Ventures Enterprise at Michigan Technological University are working together to solve this problem.

Development of a Free Psychological Testing Battery Platform

Psychological testing is dominated by expensive proprietary tests that have for the most part been developed using public research money. The licensing costs associated with testing makes access difficult or expensive and prevents access to useful testing where funding is limited or unavailable. Improving accessibility will have a substantial impact on the quality of both new research and current mental health care.

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